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The Dornier 328 Jet is a sleeper. Due to bankruptcies of a few American Airlines there are a limited amount of these aircraft at a very low price. All are 1999 or newer, most are 2001. All have less then 9,000 hours total time and a few have less then 5,000 hours since new.

A German company has already picked up ten of these aircraft for conversion to VIP. Hoeffener International can acquire a few of the remaining lowest time aircraft for prices at a small fraction of the original 17 Million dollar cost. Since the aircraft have been parked for a little over one year a full check C will be required. We anticipate a cost of no more then $500,000 for these checks.

A long range fuel tank modification is available giving the airplane a range with 10 passengers of 2,000 nautical miles (2,200 statute miles). The current fuel tanks installed give the aircraft a range of 1,000 nautical miles with 34 passengers and 1,500 nautical miles with 20 passengers. The extra long range fuel tank installation costs $700,000.

The interiors are almost new and set up with 32 passenger leather seats. The aircraft can have the number of seats reduced in a lower density seating configuration at little cost.

For true VIP interior the aircraft can have a full VIP interior installed from $1,300,000 up depending on clients taste. The $1,300,000 figure would have an interior as depicted here.

The interior space is approximately twice that of a Gulf stream and four times that of a HS125. This adds comfort and space not available to these other more expensive aircraft.

For less then the cost of mediocre 25 year old Gulfstream or Hawker you can have one of these virtually new Dornier Jets set up in your choice of VIP configuration - ready to go.

If you prefer you can also have the aircraft in regular density seating 32 or 34 passenger configuration. In either configuration no aircraft will match the low operating cost and fuel efficiency of the modern Pratt and Whitney engines on this Jet.

Remember there are only a few left. In June 12 of them were sold. The 11 that HSH Nordbank AG had are also gone.

Contact Roland Hoeffener or Andreas Hoeffener for more information as to how you can have one of these Jets. Time is of essence as in a few months only the left-overs will be available as the prime aircraft will all be gone.